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Bringing dreams to life through the remarkable journey of surrogacy.

The Joy of Parenthood

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is the conviction that everyone deserves the chance to experience the joy of parenthood. We strive to provide a supportive, compassionate environment where dreams of a family can become a reality. Our vision for the future involves further extending our reach, breaking down barriers, and making surrogacy an accessible and successful for more to start or grow their family.

Since our inception we've achieved numerous milestones, including thousands of successful matches and countless smiles on the faces of new parents. Our expansion includes opening two satellite offices in Eugene and Salem, broadening our reach to serve more individuals and couples longing for a child.

Surrogacy in Oregon

Oregon is an ideal state for surrogacy due to its progressive and supportive legal environment, which fosters a positive and safe experience for all parties involved.

Global Family Building

We warmly welcome international intended parents, recognizing the diverse backgrounds and unique needs that come with navigating surrogacy from afar.

Modern Family Building

Oregon Surrogacy Center is proud to provide family-building opportunities for LGBTQ families in Oregon and around the world.

Experienced Team, Personal Perspectives

Our Team

Our team is composed entirely of individuals with firsthand experience in surrogacy, ensuring that you receive the most authentic and empathetic support throughout your journey. Every member of our staff, whether they've been a donor, a surrogate, or a parent through surrogacy, brings a personal touch to our services.

Each team member's personal experience with surrogacy enriches their professional role, enhancing the compassionate and comprehensive support they provide. This unique perspective allows us to truly understand and relate to the emotions, challenges, and triumphs that both intended parents and surrogates may encounter during their journey.

We all share the same goal: to make your surrogacy journey as smooth and fulfilling as possible. Our dedicated coordinators provide unwavering support, guiding intended parents and surrogates through each stage of the journey, while our support staff ensures that every detail is taken care of.


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Empowering Families Through Surrogacy

Why Choose Us

Choosing a surrogacy agency is a significant decision, and at Oregon Surrogacy Center, we're committed to providing an exceptional experience. Our track record speaks for itself - with numerous successful matches, glowing testimonials, and countless joy-filled families. We are especially proud of our commitment to LGBTQ+ family-building opportunities, standing as a beacon of inclusivity in the world of assisted reproduction.

We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive surrogacy program that ensures a seamless journey from start to finish.

For intended parents, we offer personalized journey plans tailored to suit their unique needs. We understand that each journey to parenthood is as unique as the individuals themselves, and we provide personalized care and support throughout.

We cherish the commitment and selfless decision of surrogates to help others start a family. We provide comprehensive support and resources, taking care of all the details so they can focus on the remarkable gift they're giving.

If you're considering surrogacy, either as an intended parent or a surrogate, we invite you to reach out to us. We offer free consultations to answer any questions and provide all the information you need. Your journey to parenthood begins here, and we can't wait to be part of your story. Contact Oregon Surrogacy Center today and let's create life stories that last forever.

Learn more about finding a surrogate, understanding surrogacy costs, and the benefits of creating families through surrogacy in Oregon.

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We are here to help you navigate the surrogacy journey, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling experience. If you're an aspiring parent seeking the gift of a child or a potential surrogate wanting to help make dreams come true, we're here to support you every step of the way. Embark on your surrogacy journey with confidence by reaching out to Oregon Surrogacy Center for a free consultation.

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