The Life-Changing Journey of Surrogacy

Become a Surrogate

Embarking on the path of surrogacy is a life-changing decision that holds the potential to transform not only your life but also the lives of intended parents.

The Gift of Surrogacy

Empowering Surrogates with Exceptional Care

By choosing to become a surrogate, you are offering an invaluable gift to intended parents. Your selfless act helps fulfill their dreams of parenthood, creating an everlasting bond between you and the family you help complete. At Oregon Surrogacy Center, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to our surrogates. We understand the commitment, courage, and compassion it takes to become a surrogate and are here to guide and assist you throughout the entire process. Our surrogate program is designed to create a supportive and caring environment for our surrogates. We are committed to ensuring you feel valued and respected, offering comprehensive resources and personalized support to help you navigate your surrogacy journey.

Surrogate Requirements

To become a surrogate with Oregon Surrogacy Center, you must meet specific age and health requirements. These criteria ensure you are physically capable of carrying a healthy pregnancy while protecting your well-being.

United States citizen or legal resident

Between 21 - 42 years old

Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) below 33

Have one or more children of your own

Have a car or reliable method of transportation

Not receive government financial assistance

Not smoke

Not drink to excess

Not have a criminal background

Not take any illegal drugs or drugs not prescribed by my physician

Competitive Compensation Packages

Compensation and Benefits

At Oregon Surrogacy Center, we offer competitive compensation packages for our surrogates, acknowledging the time, effort, and dedication required throughout the surrogacy process.

You will be generously compensated with a starting base amount of $55,000 for your time and commitment, which may increase based on your previous surrogacy experience. Besides the base pay, you will receive added benefits such as health insurance, reimbursement for lost wages, allowances for household and childcare, as well as bonuses for finishing the surrogacy process within specified timeframes or achieving other milestones. The total allowances and benefits for both first-time and experienced surrogates amount to $10-$30,000. It is important to mention that the intended parents will bear the cost of your medical expenses, lost wages, and all other related expenses during the surrogacy process.

Above all, becoming a surrogate brings the gratification of knowing that you have contributed to the formation of a family. The appreciation from the intended parents and the child or children you help bring into the world will serve as a lasting reward.

Surrogate Success Stories

Heartfelt Testimonials from Our Remarkable Surrogates

Common Questions

Surrogate FAQ's

How long does the surrogacy process typically take?

The surrogacy process can vary in length, but on average, it takes around 12-18 months from the time you are matched with intended parents to the delivery of the baby. Factors that can influence the timeline include medical screening, legal agreements, and the time it takes to achieve a successful pregnancy.

How do you match surrogates with intended parents?

We take great care in matching surrogates with intended parents, considering factors such as personal values, preferences, and expectations. Our goal is to create a strong connection and a supportive relationship between the surrogate and intended parents to ensure a positive and fulfilling surrogacy experience for all parties involved.

What type of support is offered throughout the surrogacy process?

We provide comprehensive support for our surrogates, including access to experienced case managers, medical professionals, and legal counsel. We offer guidance and resources to address the emotional, physical, and logistical aspects of surrogacy, ensuring that surrogates feel valued and cared for throughout the entire journey.

How does the compensation process work for surrogates?

Surrogate compensation is paid in installments throughout the pregnancy at various stages. The base compensation amount ranges between $40,000 to $55,000, depending on factors such as experience, the number of fetuses being carried, and insurance coverage. In addition to the base amount, surrogates can receive $5,000 to $10,000 for expenses and benefits related to their care and well-being.

Can I be a surrogate if I've never been pregnant before?

We require that potential surrogates have a history of at least one successful pregnancy and delivery. This requirement helps ensure that surrogates are physically capable of carrying a pregnancy to term and are familiar with the emotional and physical challenges associated with pregnancy.

What is the screening process for potential surrogates?

The screening process includes an initial application, interviews, medical and psychological evaluations, and a thorough review of personal and medical history. Additionally, potential surrogates may undergo background checks to ensure a secure and successful surrogacy experience.

Explore the possibilities of becoming a surrogate and learn about the impact you can have on the lives of intended parents.

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